Applies a value pair array of data elements and values to a new or existing file. All the transactions are grouped as a form packed together as an event.

Service Parameters (json array)

  • serviceName (string) = “content”
  • function (string) = “ccb_dataTransaction”

Key Parameters

  • processID (string> Required
  • formID (string)
  • EventID (string)
  • parentID (string)
  • clientID (string)
  • fileID
  • ccbUserID
  • firstName (string) Required
  • lastName (string) Required
  • appendValues(boolean)
  • userID (string) Required (/li>
  • assignedTo (string) Required
  • Notes

    • If no EventID is provided, the service creates one based on the characteristics described in the ProcessID.
    • If no clientID is provided, the service creates one. If it creates a possible duplicate record, the service returns ClientIDs of the possible duplicates.
    • If no fileID is provided, the service creates one.
    • Depending on the settings of the ProcessID, the service will change the file status, generate automatic Events, generate additional data elements and identify the type of the transaction event as required.
    • Data Parameters

      A key value pair of any data element and it’s value.

    Results (json array)

    • Status (string).  (“0″=Success, “1”=Not Successful)
    • statusMessage (string) (“Empty”,”Results”)
    • data (json array) (the results if not empty)


    Click here for an example.

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